Prvo pripremno sudoku takmičenje je počelo. Ovde možete preuzeti zadatke. Srećno!

The first preliminary sudoku contest has started. You may download the puzzles. Good luck!

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yureklis је рекао...

Nice competition, thank you Branko.

I solved first 8 puzzles in 30 minutes, but after that i spent much more time irregular and nonconsecutive sudokus. In last minutes i did a mistake in the diagonal even, and i didnt realize my mistake, i didnt solve that.

Thank you again Branko, and thank you to Nikola for announcement.



IGy је рекао...

Dear Branko, DearNikola!

Thanks for the championship, I really enjoyed it.
I did the relay (the first 4 was easier then I expected from the practice-puzzles), the non-consecutive was a really difficulty, but a very nice puzzle (maybe one of the best I've ever solved!).The last puzzle was easier again then I expected.

I had some technical problem with sending the solution (hope to got it at all...), two classic sudokus was missing, because I run out of time.

Thanks again, hope to take part on the next event as well!

Хвала вам за издвојити загонетке! :-)

Gyorgy Istvan
ps. one more feedback for you:
maybe it would be better if we can download the puzzle-sets earlier and we have to check only a password code which allow us to open the pdf-file - like in other online contests.